Yesterdays gold and silver spot prices

Gold:-1.09 % at USD 1 338.38/oz

Silver:-1.11 % at USD 16.50/oz

Last updated April 12, 2018 GMT

  • New features at

    First of all we’ve done a new design for the website. Now everything looks even nicer, at least we think so. Since launch we’ve collected comments from our users provided us through our feedback function that we encourage you to use (see the little feedback tab to your left). Thank you so much for all your neat ideas. Some of them we’ve been able to realize for you, but not all of them. Other features are still on our to-do-list. Here’s what we’ve done in this release:

    Security and improved anonymity!

    Since many gold and silver savers have taken the red pill and see through government and main stream media lies, some of us are rather paranoid about internet anonymity. What ever uncle gives, uncle can take away, as Jim Sinclair often says. So, we’ve listened to your feedback and now we’ve enabled HTTPS when singed in. This means that all data is encrypted. Also, when you sign up we also explain that we do not track any IP addresses or use any statistics tools such as Google Analytics (when signed in).

    No ads!

    Yes… we’ve taken all the annoying ads away. This of course means no revenue for us, but money isn’t everything. :) Removing the ads we had to the right allowed us to increase the size of the graphs, so that was a big plus.

    Even cooler graphs!

    We’ve done many changes to the graphs at We’re especially proud of the fact that our charts now can show you moving averages (10, 20, 30, 50, 200 days and 1 year) and that you can now adjust for inflation using many different matrices like M1, M2 and True Money Supply. Even the Big Mac Index! LOL! You guys know how much Ben Bernanke and his ilk prints, so measuring old all time highs in todays dollars really doesn’t make much sense.Play around with the charts and just look how much we’ve got to go before any REAL new all time highs are achieved.

    Changes to Your savings and Manage savings (when signed in)

    When you look at your personal graph in the your savings view, we now plot gold and silver purchases on the dates you entered in the manage savings view. So if you did a big buy at some point the little dot representing your purchase tells you that’s why your savings went up so much on that date.

    We’ve also added annualized gain/loss calculations to both the your savings view and the manage savings view.

    We’ve also updated the give us feedback function, so please, let us know your thoughts so we can make kick more ass!

    Best Regards / web team


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      Please add Platinum and Palladium